Thanks to our development team we are able to provide software solutions created AD HOC, according to the needs of each client. By trusting us to design programs, you will get the following benefits:

Knowledge of weighing systems

By knowing our weighing systems in depth, we are able to immediately proceed with the development of the optimal solution, saving on the instrument’s analysis times, optimizing work times and safeguarding costs.

Factory development

By developing the software directly in our offices we simulate and thoroughly test the operation with the desired weighing system, in order to eliminate any bugs or problems that may presents during use.

Development time optimization

All our projects are based on software modules previously developed and tested by us. This allows to shorten the development time, to obtain a more robust solution and to have a consequent economic saving.


wMed was created to provide support for patient screening, facilitating the management of measurements made during the course of the body composition treatment. Developed to be practical and intuitive, in just a few steps it simplifies the professional’s operations in planning the correct nutritional strategy. All the data can be compared to visualize the progress of the patient over time, and finally printed.


wTrade is the professional suite designed specifically to meet the current needs of the industry in the weighing field. The suite is composed of 3 software, each of which developed for a specific task:


Extends the normal functionality of the scales to which it’s connected, allowing the management and saving of  data (orders, customers and products) and measurements.


It facilitates the sampling and counting process, extending this functionality even to scales that natively do not have the piece counting function.


Optimizes the management of the preparation process of a compound, dough, solution or kit, allowing you to create a registry of finished products, specifying for each the quantities of the individual components and guiding the user through the individual preparation steps.