New counting Indicator WXC

Boost your productivity WXC!

Manage two platforms quickly and easily, send data to wTrade Software or print receipts and labels.

Discover all Wunder platform compatible with WXC


WXC indicator is equipped with a three-section display ideal for piece counting, combined with the MULTICOLOR backlight of the perfect display for checking weight/piece.


WXC: il nuovo Indicatore di peso Contapezzi


  • Automatic tare
  • Semiautomatic tare
  • Tare with Add-Tare-Memory (ATM) and Remove-Tare-Memory (RTM)
  • Unit of measure (g - kg - lb)
  • Weight/pieces check with multicolor LCD and acoustic signal
  • M+ Summtion
  • PLU Memories
  • Date and time
  • Counting
  • Keyboard lock
  • External keyboard calibration
  • Programmable Auto Off
  • Low battery signal
  • Backlight activation
  • Possibility to print

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