We guarantee our productivity

We guarantee our productivity

Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 virus, and in compliance with the indications provided in the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 March 2020, which has the main goal to containment and contrast to the spread of the virus, we inform you that the company is open with reduced staff, guaranteeing the production and product approval operations.

Due to the restrictive measures regarding direct contact between people, in some cases the operating flow can be slowed down, so we count on your kind understanding and cooperation. The repair service is temporarily disabled to avoid confusion of incoming and outgoing parcels of goods not of new production, therefore we invite you to not send product to repair until further notice.


For commercial communications, please contact us via the email at wunder@wunder.it and sales@wunder.it, for techincal service at service2@wunder.it

TAll inquiries from our websites wunder.it | industriale.wunder.it | medicale.wunder.it | design.wunder.it will be processed without delay, thanks to the Smart Working and the staff who will be at your disposal during the usual working hours.

For URGENT telephone communications please contact us at 02 90964566


We thank you for your attention and collaboration



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