Weight is not the only data to control a patient’s health, but it’s certainly one of those parameters to check.

In fact, a rapid weight loss could be the sign of various pathologies, as well as an uncontrolled weight gain could be the symptom that something is wrong and cause further problems over time.

Although weighing oneself is easy for most people, unfortunately for some people, this can become a serious difficulty or a real problem.

In fact, some patients, due to advanced age, pathologies or other reasons, have a limited movement capacity. This can be a challenge for the patient and caregiver, such as a family member, nurse, doctor, or etc.

To satisfy the comfort and safety of patients and make useful the operations of those who care for them, various devices have been created to check the patient’s weight by reducing or eliminating any difficulties, like handrail scales, chair scales, and platforms scales for wheelchair.


Handrail scales, generally consist of a platform and a handrail, are useful for patients with certain freedom of movement and who need support due to, for example, precarious balance or advanced age.

In fact, its structure supports the patient by transmitting a sense of security and stability without affecting the weighing data.



The chair scale is designed for weighing patients with limited movement capacity or significant difficulties in standing. How does it work?

Its operation is very simple and intuitive. Usually, after turning on the device and having the patient sit on the seat, just read the weight value that will appear on display. This weighing system is easy and immediate.

In addition, the chair scales are equipped with wheels to easily take them from one department to another of the structure.



Weighing a patient in the wheelchair can be a complicated operation for the caregiver and can make the patient uncomfortable.

To simplify and make this operation as safe as possible for the patient and the operator, special scales have been created with an integrated platform. Thanks to this product, what could be quite difficult, today is really easy and quick. In fact, it will be sufficient to accompany the patient with his wheelchair on the platform and read-out the weight.

Obviously, it is necessary to know the tare weight of the wheelchair to obtain the right weight of the patient (the Wunder scales have the tare function, a function inserted to simplify this step as much as possible).


Check the weight of a person with limited capacity of movement can be really difficult, but with a handrail scale, chair scale or platform scale for wheelchair, you are sure to find a product that is simple to use, safe, and that satisfies your needs and the needs of your patients!

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